Reframing challenges of Internal displacement in the Sahel – Virtual conference 20 June 2022, 4pm GMT

Complex and interlinking crises of instability and forced displacement in the Sahel region
have shaped national, regional and international responses to humanitarian emergencies
over the last decade. Sahelian states, humanitarian and military actors struggle to develop
sustainable solutions to multiple challenges with dramatic consequences for local
populations forced to flee. While Mali currently registers 350,000 internally displaced
persons (IDPs), there are around 1.7 million IDPs in Burkina Faso.

Join Josefine Brons, Daniel Ozoukou, Alvin Etang Ndip and Germain Gabire as they reframe the challenges of internal displacement in the sahel. For more details Download the Concept Brief here

Date – 20 June 2022

Time – 4pm GMT

Mode – Online (zoom)

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