GENIDA E-learning platform on IDPs is Live!

GENIDA e-learning on IDPs is aimed at empowering and equipping advocates, civil society actors, lawyers, researchers, policy analysts and law makers with practical leadership skills tailored towards creating a society that respects protects and supports IDPs. GENIDA envisions an Africa where the rights of IDPs are observed, protected and promoted. We believe that an investment … Read more

#DidYouKnow internally displaced persons fear to demand for their rights because they fear for their lives? Read the #VoiceOfIDPs Report for more details

In August 2021, GENIDA engaged IDPs in Uganda and Cameroon towards its objective to create a platform for inclusive IDP centered development of solutions to internal displacement in Africa. It is important to note at the beginning of this report that the IDPs interviewed feared for their lives and for this reason requested that their … Read more


While Uganda has one of the oldest IDP policies in Africa, there remains a massive number (1.7 million) of internally displaced people in the country—largely in the North, where 90% of the population has been displaced due to violence caused by the Lord’s Resistance Army and cattle rustlers. Land grabbing and natural disasters have further … Read more

Invitation: Colloquium to Critically Examine Uganda’s National IDP Policy against the Kampala Convention Using Africa Case Studies

The Global Engagement Network on Internal Displacement in Africa (GENIDA) and The Populace Foundation International (TPFI), in partnership with The State of the Union (SOTU), and in collaboration with the Centre for Public Interest Law (CEPIL) and the Centre for Policy Analysis, convene a “Colloquium to Critically Examine Uganda’s National IDP Policy (2004) against the … Read more

What you missed on #LetsTalkIDPs

We hosted Mr Joe Alec Mlenga for the #LetsTalkIDPs Podcast regarding his Policy Brief on Bridging Disaster Risk and IDPs in Malawi. He says that, there is an urgent need to for more sensitization on the danger of people staying in disaster prone areas. But what happens when the people have not where to go? … Read more

What you missed on #LetsTalkIDPs

We hosted Ms Cynthia Mbajunwa, an Associate with PWC Nigeria for the #LetsTalkIDPs Podcast regarding her Policy Brief on Protecting IDP Women and Girls from SGBV in Nigeria. She says that, it is very important to have safe community spaces for victims of SGBV and for this to happen, government should be involved. Click the … Read more

Assessing Public Awareness on the existence of policy, law data and measures on internal displacement in Africa

Internal displacement is mainly caused by natural disaster which may or may not be due to climate change, conflict and war. This greatly affects already vulnerable groups like women and children. The media and civil society, though having a big role to popularize and advocate for IDPs is often oppressed by restrictive laws. As a … Read more

High lights of the Virtual Workshop on Internal Displacement in Africa 25th June 2021

On the 25th of June GENIDA held an online workshop towards the development of sustainable solutions to internal displacement in Africa. The workshop was attended by network members across many areas in Africa, disciplines and sectors, including government, civil society and academia. With the help of stakeholders, the workshop sought to create sustainable responses to … Read more

Highlights of the Continental Workshop On Building Solutions To Internal Displacement In Africa, 7th and 8th June 2021

On the 7 and 8th of June 2021, GENIDA in partnership with Kabarak Law School with support from GCRF held a continental workshop in Kenya with the aim of building solutions to Internal Displacement in Africa.  The workshop featured presentations from various experts and researchers on internal displacement in Africa as shown below. Click here … Read more

High Lights of the Advocacy Workshop On The Protection And Assistance of Internaly Displaced Persons in Cameroon 22-23 April, 2021

On 22nd April – 23th April 2021, The Global Engagement Network on Internal Displacement (GENIDA) in partnership with the International Relations Institute of Cameroon (IRIC), an educational training Centre of higher education at the service of African and world diplomacy, and the Foundation for Peace and Solidarity (FPS) held an advocacy workshop on protection and … Read more