GENIDA hosts webinars to provide a forum for discussions in the field of internal displacement.

The following webinars have been hosted by GENIDA, in collaboration with the Centre for Human Rights:


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Internal Displacement Online Training Course

The Internal Displacement Online Training Course provides you with knowledge and insight on internal displacement in the comfort of your private space. The course is run virtually and throughout the year. The course provides an opportunity to develop critical insights and understand the issue of internal displacement more robustly over a period of at least, six weeks.

This course is developed by a specialised consortium of research institutions on internal displacement. Financial support was provided by the Global Challenges Research Fund through the Interdisciplinary Network on Displacement, Conflict and Protection (INDCaP – AH/T005351/1) and the Global Engagement Network on Internal Displacement in Africa (GENIDA – EP/T003227/1) projects.


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