GENIDA Working Paper Series

The Working Paper Series are long research papers that provide significant insight into issues of internal displacement in Africa. Papers in this series are jointly hosted by the Global Engagement Network on Internal Displacement in Africa projects and the Interdisciplinary Network on Displacement, Conflict and Protection.

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Published Working Papers

GENIDA Working Paper 1
January 2020

Struggling against all odds: psychosocial implications of the Anglophone crisis on internally displaced youths in Cameroon
Delphine Fanfon

Cameroon faces a socio-political crisis that has affected mainly the anglophone regions of the country. The crisis which started as a peaceful protest demanding equal treatment escalated to a military response which led to the loss of innocent lives and total outrage amongst the peoples in these regions.

GENIDA Working Paper 2
January 2020

The State of Research on Internal Displacement in Africa
Romola Adeola

This paper reviews scholarship on internal displacement in Africa. It focuses on internal displacement in African countries affected by conflict and other crises and the responses to that phenomenon at national and regional levels. It reviews how scholarship on internal displacement in Africa has developed.